Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Duck Shots...

I decided to go back to the river today to see if the mallard and merganser were still hanging out. Sure enough they were so I was able to get some more photos of them. That is one lazy mallard, two days in a row it's sleeping. This time I brought my flash and the Better Beamer flash extender, it was overcast this morning so I figured the flash would help brighten things up. I was able to get closer to them today, I guess they've figured out I'm harmless. I actually waded in the water and I probably could've gotten even closer but the water was only two inches from the top of my boots by the time I stopped. I fell in the water a couple of years ago, in the same spot so I know how cold that water is. I also included a shot of the duck tracks in the snow.

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