Monday, February 25, 2008

Along Came a Spider...... the middle of February? A few years ago while walking my dog I noticed spiders crawling around on the ice. I never thought I'd see something like that in the middle of winter so I went back home and got my camera and this is one of the photos I took. Most people would've just pointed their camera down and photographed the spider from the top. I laid right down on my belly on the ice with my macro lens and took this head on shot. As it crawled toward me it got closer than my lens would focus so I just slid backward to make sure it would stay in sharp focus. As with photographing any type of wildlife, from spiders to birds, the most important thing to be in focus in the photograph are the eyes. In this picture you can actually see 7 of the 8 eyes.

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Sandpiper said...

Holy smokes!!! Good work! Isn't that the strangest thing? This reminds me of when I was a teen, going up the White Mountains in May with my family. There was still very deep snow up there, and the car got stuck in a snow bank. Dad was out there shoveling snow and swatting mosquitoes at the same time.