Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday Snowshoeing...

I finally got to use the snowshoes on Sunday, there were a couple times earlier this winter when I should have used them but didn't; especially when I struggled through some deep snow with my camera gear.

The first photo was taken before hitting the trail, the snow storm we had the night before was heavy and wet so it stuck to the tree branches and the warm air created a fog to hang over the river. The second photo was taken on the trail. There were a few times that I got pelted in the head from the snow melting off of the tree branches above.

My new profile pic was taken on the trail on Sunday.


Sandpiper said...

Beautiful shots!! I'm really enjoying these pictures and reading your blog. I haven't worn snowshoes in years. Not since my parents lived in Maine and the snow was so deep we had to shovel our way out the door and couldn't even see out the windows. There is nothing more beautiful than a snowfall in Maine (except the shoveling part!)

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog this morning, too.

brucesc said...

I found your site through Sandpiper's. More snow for me to be glad I'm not in! But your photos of it are splendid. I'll be back to see spring in Maine too--that's in July, right?