Friday, February 29, 2008

Sometimes You Gotta Be Patient...

This robin picture was not just a point and shoot photo, it took over a week of preparation to get it. It involved a dummy tripod with a fake camera to get the birds acclimated to it. I set it up over 50 feet away from the nest on the first day then moved it a little closer each day till it was in the right position for the real camera. When I was ready to take photos I replaced the dummy tripod with the real camera and took my photos from about 35 feet away with a remote cord attached to the auto-winder. I was hidden in the bushes watching the nest with binoculars.
If things continue like they are this winter, this photo is a sight we won't see until July. There's another big storm coming this weekend, that should bring us to over 10 feet for the season so far and March can be a snowy month too. It's going to take forever to melt all of that, I guess we can look at the bright side, we'll be cross country skiing until June.


Sandpiper said...

This picture is stupendous and worth every second of time you put into it. I hope you have it framed and on a wall somewhere!

I hope you see spring soon. The snowstorm doesn't sound too promising though. I'll have to give my family a call and see how they're doing. They're a bit south of you.

nature tales and camera trails said...

We are getting the same storm here in New Brunswick, as you are getting this weekend; too much snow! But this being the first of March, perhaps the old adage will hold true, "... in like a lion, out like a lamb."

The robin photo is beautiful! I am hoping that an early one will show up here some day in March, although we will have to lose a bit of all this snow first!