Saturday, April 26, 2008

No Photo; Just a Link....

I usually don't post on weekends but I want to post this link to an osprey nest webcam. It's not in Maine but it is still interesting to view. Last year this pair of osprey raised two young.
Here's the link: osprey cam


kjpweb said...

Great link - and a great view on the nest! Thanks!
Cheers, Klaus

Stacey Huston said...

Thanks for the link John. I look forward to seeing this..
As for the white background you enquired about. I put it there :-)
Saved it from my Jack Russell (who is trained to hunt rabbits with the birds, she doesn't understand)

Sandpiper said...

Thanks, John. I think this is located at Milford Point down near Silver Sands. We go there quite often and watch these very same Ospreys nesting. The cam does a better job of bringing them close than my lenses are able to.

Eve said...

Hi John,
Well I had an osprey fly over today, my first this year!